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Xpand CS Academy, established by Mideast Communication Systems, is a leading institution dedicated to providing comprehensive cybersecurity training programs. At Xpand CS Academy, we are passionate about educating individuals and young professionals on the foundational principles of cybersecurity and equipping them with the necessary skills, abilities, and experience to address the evolving challenges in the field.

By offering these training programs, Xpand CS Academy contributes to building a resilient cybersecurity ecosystem not only within organizations but also at a societal level. The academy’s collaboration with the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology underscores its dedication to fostering strategic partnerships and leveraging collective expertise to address cybersecurity challenges effectively.


Empower people to protect the future.


Creating a world-class cyber security education program that provides people with knowledge, skillsets, and experience that impacts the connected world. We are committed to developing the next generation of experts who will protect themselves, organizations, and nation from cyber threats.

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